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“To Lead in Disseminating the Official Information based on the Malay Islamic Monarchy”



“To Highlight the Images of Monarchy and the Country, and Uphold the Wawasan (Vision) 2035 by Disseminating the Official Information that Leads Towards National Unity and Welfare”


  1. To clarify and explain the official information in order to deepen understanding, inspire confidence and reinforce citizens’ and residents’ support for the leadership by monarchy and public service institutions

  2. To deliver and promote the official information on government policy and intention in order to enable citizens and residents understand, support and internalise effectively

  3. To link the citizens and residents with the government through departmental programmes and activities

  4. To deepen citizens’ and residents’ understanding of the Wawasan (Vision) 2035

  5. To manage, coordinate and implement media relations activities


"Nurturing An Informed Society"