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Inspire the spirit of partriotism

Inspire the spirit of partriotism

By : Dk. Vivy Malessa Pg. Ibrahim \ Photo : Dk. Nur Hafilah Pg. Osman

TUTONG, Saturday, February 6. - Department of Information, Prime Minister’s Office through its Nationhood Unit under the Strategic Communications Division continued its Nationhood Briefing Programme on “Our Sovereign, Appreciating the National Flag and National Anthem of Brunei Darussalam” at Tanjong Maya Secondary School Hall.

The programme is one of the continuous efforts of the Department of Information in nurturing affection for the sovereign, religion, nation and country as well as to strengthening solidarity, patriotism and nationalism among the students.

More than 140 Year 7 students attended the briefing delivered by Assistant Information Officer, Dayang Hajah Noorhijrah binti Haji Idris, which among others touched on 'Our Sovereign', etiquette on hoisting the national flag and the historical background on the Brunei Darussalam National Anthem, ‘Allah Peliharakan Sultan’ in detail.

The students also had the opportunity to watch several clips on ‘Kibarkanlah Dengan Megah Bendera Negara’, ‘Semarak Pengibaran Bendera Negara’ and an animation clips on the etiquette on hoisting the national flag.

The briefing was also attended by the school Principal, Dayang Hajah Norzan binti Haji Meludin and the teaching staff.



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