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Resolve the problems of the villagers



By : Khartini Hamir / Photo : Ampuan Haji Mahmud Ampuan Haji Tengah

BERAKAS, Tuesday, January 21. – The Muzakarah Penerangan Programme (PMP) of Mukim Berakas 'B', organised by the Department of Information this morning discussed 30 issues that were agreed upon together with the Penghulu and Villages Heads.
Among the topics highlighted are issues related to infrastructure, public facilities, welfare, environment, social, safety, economy and more.
A total of 13 officials from government agencies present in the dialogue session to address issues raised by the Penghulu and Villages Heads.
Also present at the dialogue session held at the Community Hall of Jalan 77, RPN Kampung Lambak Kanan were Member of Legislative Council, Penghulu Mukim Berakas ‘B’, Yang Berhormat Pengiran Haji Ali bin Pengiran Maon.
Earlier, the Acting Director of Information, Awang Mawardi bin Haji Mohammad in his speech encouraged us as citizens to always be grateful for the infrastructure facilities provided by the government.
In addition, he urged that every member of the community had the responsibility to maintain and ensure peace and harmony by compliance with the policies and regulations set by Government agencies.
"The department hopes that this programme will serve as a facilitator for dissemination information and ideas between the public and government agencies as well as to strengthen the mutual relations between the government and the people," he explained.
Meanwhile, Yang Berhormat Haji Ali bin Pengiran Maon in his response expressed gratitude for all the facilities provided by the government in an effort to fulfil the needs of the citizens and residents.
However, he added, there are still some deficiencies that should be noted by certain parties as it may be due to negligence, lightness, carelessness or maybe due to constraints or problems that may cause the need cannot be entertained immediately.
"Thus from this dialogue the residents can hear the explanations and answers from the relevant parties so that we can understand the difficulties faced by both parties," said Yang Berhormat.
Mukim Berakas ‘B’ has grown rapidly in line with the other mukims in all aspects, includes in the education sector there are vocational and secondary school, as well as some government and private primary schools, and also religious schools.
From the religious aspect, there are five mosques in the area, while in the aspect of health care, there is the Health Centre at RPN Kampung Lambak Kanan and in terms of security, there is a Police Control Station and Fire and Rescue Team.
The Mukim also have Brunei Muara District Senior Citizens Activity Centre which promotes various activities in the form of leisure, welfare, social, sports and more to promote active aging.
From 2015 until today, the Department of Information has conducted PMP in 10 mukims in Brunei Darussalam, among others, as a platform to provide opportunities for the citizens and the residents to hear the answer to the issues that received through the Penghulus and Villages Heads.
In addition, it also as a platform for government agencies to deliver messages or share official information to the residents.
Awang Haji Abdullah bin Haji Suhaili on behalf of the Village Consultative Council (MPK) Region I, RPN Kampung Lambak Kanan in an interview with Pelita Brunei felt that this dialogue is very worthwhile and should be continue indefinitely.
However, he added, there are still questions that have been refined and waiting for an answers to be submitted without discussion, thus he thinks what should be heard is the voice of the villagers themselves.
"Because the people who live in these villages consist of different nations and communities, then at least through this opportunity, the residents can highlight the opinions or concerns they have to address to relevant parties by proposing solutions or taking initiatives about it," he explained.
In the future, he hope that the Department of Information will involve some NGOs to participate as well, as some of the concerns involve NGOs such as housing maintenance, environmental care such as cutting grass and so on. For the case like cutting grass, it was found out that the appointed company does not execute or carry out their work properly.
This was also supported by Awang Haji Ahmad Basar bin Haji Salleh, who also hopes that the PMP could be held more than twice a year for the residents and villagers to keep abreast of any recent developments or actions taken or implemented from the issues raised.
In addition to improve such programme in the future, he suggested that the organisers or any parties involved giving an opportunity for the residents and villagers that attended the dialogue to express their ideas more clearly.
"From what has been heard through this discussion, we have also found that some issues have been raised or highlighted over and over again, but on our behalf as the residents and villagers sometimes there is no proper solution implemented by certain parties that led the issues hanging," he explained.
In addition, he urged the Penghulus and Villages Heads to play their part by holding such dialogue, so that the residents and villagers could highlights issues arises with relevant parties and the results or actions taken by the parties will be heard by the next PMP.

Created at 01/02/2020 14:12 by Mohammad Wirman Bin Hj Matussin
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