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Spiritual value of the spirit of patriotism



News and Photo : Saerah Haji Abd Ghani
Bandar Seri Begawan, Monday, January 13. -The appreciation and understanding of the national anthem and the Brunei Darussalam National Flag should be instilled among the younger generation so that patriotism spirit will never fade away.
In this regard, the Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office (PMO) through its Nationhood Unit, Nationhood and Community Division continued its briefing session on Our Sovereign, Appreciating the National Flag and National Anthem of Brunei Darussalam at Pengiran Isteri Hajjah Mariam Secondary School.
A total of 96 students from Year 7 attended the briefing presented by Information Officer, Head of the Nationhood Unit, Nationhood and Community Division, Awang Mohammad Hisyam bin Idris.
Awang Mohammad Hisyam explained that the flag is a symbol of the country and the history of when it was officiated in 1959. In addition, he also touched on the official and individual flags and flags of those who were granted the title as well as the flag of the uniformed Government Department.
The nationhood briefing also included the role of the flag to the nation in celebrating the country's glory days; inculcate the spirit of patriotism and nationalism, supports the Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy; strengthens unity among the citizens and the residents and inculcate affection towards the race, religion, sovereign and nation.
"The timetable of National Flag-raising is on certain occasions such as during National Day and royal birth or royal ceremonies which starts with the hoisting of the large national flag and the citizens will hoist their flags on certain days that are announced on Radio and Television Brunei and in newspapers such as Pelita Brunei, "he said.
He also touched on the meaning of the emblems on Brunei Darussalam’s flag containing the Flag and the Umbrella, Ubur-Ubur, Wings, Hands or Kimhap and A crescent symbol that contains Arabic word meaning 'Always in service with Allah's Guidance'.
The briefing continued with video clips presentation titled 'Kibarkanlah Dengan Megah Bendera Negara' and concluded with a nationhood quiz session.
Also present at the briefing was the principal of the school, Awang Omar Arif bin Abdullah Lasit and teaching staffs.
The briefing programme is one of the Department of Information’s ongoing efforts in nurturing affections towards the sovereign, religion, nation and country, strengthening the strong spirit of solidarity, patriotism and nationhood among students by instilling passion towards the Monarch, national flag and the national anthem.
This programme is important as it enhances the patriotic spirit and students will be able to understand better the meaning of the national flag and the proper way of hoisting the flag with the right techniques, said Dayangku Siti Roziana binti Pengiran Sofian, a Year 7 student when interviewed by Pelita Brunei.
Thus, with this briefing, students will be able to understand the importance of the national flag, respect the national flag and not to squander the national flag.
Created at 15/01/2020 15:28 by Mohammad Wirman Bin Hj Matussin
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