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Government and the People’s Information exchange channel




By : Dk. Siti Redzaimi Pg. Haji Ahmad / Photo : Dk. Nur Hafilah Pg. Osman
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Tuesday, November 19. - The Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office through the Public Relations Unit, Nationhood and Community Division held a Program Sua Muka or Personal Contact for Kampung Sungai Kebun, Kampung Setia 'B', Kampung Bolkiah 'A' and Kampung Bolkiah 'B', Mukim of Sungai Kebun, Brunei and Muara District located at Pehin Dato Jamil Primary School Hall.
The delegation from the Department of Information was led by the Acting Director of Information, Awang Mohammad Ede Fadle bin Haji Shamsu.
Also present was the Head of the Public Relations Unit, Nationhood and Community Division, Awang Muhd. Khairulhadi bin Haji Muhd. Muhtaddir.
Among those present at the programme were the Acting Penghulu of Mukim Sungai Kebun, Head Village of Kampung Sungai Sungai Kebun and Kampung Setia 'B', as the Head Village of Kampung Setia 'A', Awang Haji Asli bin Haji Mamut; the Acting Head of Kampung 'Bolkiah 'A 'and Bolkiah 'B', Awang Haji Shamsuddin bin Haji Maidin and the residents of Kampung Setia 'B', Kampung Sungai Kebun, Kampung Bolkiah 'A' and Kampung Bolkiah 'B'.
The programme aims to establish and encourage awareness of the citizens and the residents to bring about positive attitudes in line with national interests and to provide a channel for information exchange between the government and the people.
It also disseminate information and programmes as well as development and progress through the government newspaper Pelita Brunei which also provides information (current issues) and government policies, as well as receiving relevant feedback and action by the relevant parties.
Among the issues raised were related to infrastructural provision, facilities, enterprises, security, social welfare, social problems and environmental cleanliness.
Information such as Materials of national interests -  the National Flag of Brunei Darussalam; Fake News; Practicing Collaborative Attitude and Cleanliness Issues; Department of Information’s Mobile Application; and ’Know Our Country’ or ‘Kenali Negara Kitani’ (KNK) was shared during the programme.
Kampung Sungai Kebun has a population of 1,608 residents; 1,440 residents in Kampung Setia 'B'; 1,238 residents in Kampung Bolkiah 'A’; and 1,431 residents in Kampung Bolkiah 'B'.
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