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Mind Our Children Programme increases parental awareness

Program Awasi Anak Kitani tingkatkan kesedaran ibu bapa (01).jpg

Program Awasi Anak Kitani tingkatkan kesedaran ibu bapa (02).jpg

News and Photo : Muhammad Akmal bin Haji Ali
Translated by : Hjh Musmariani Hj Mohammad  / Cleared by : Ruhil Amal Faridah binti Awang Yahya
TEMBURONG, Thursday, October 24th. - A total of 49 residents of Mukim Amo attended the Mind Our Children Programme organised by the Department of Information, Prime Minister's Office, Temburong District Information Branch in collaboration with the Narcotics Control Bureau, the Department of Internal Security and the Information Technology Protective Security Services Company (ITPSS) Berhad which was held at Belalong Council, Community Council Complex, Bangar Town, Temburong District.
Present as the guest of honour of the programme was a Member of the Legislative State Council, Yang Berhormat Awang Hj Emran bin Hj Sabtu, who is also Penghulu Mukim of Bokok and Acting Penghulu Mukim of Amo.
Also present were Acting Deputy Director of Information, Dayang Sastra Sarini binti Haji Julaini as Chairperson of the programme, Village Head of  Kampung  Amo, Awang Ujan Anak Muit, Acting Village Head of Kampung Selangan, Sibulu, Parit and Biang Menengah, Awang Haji Bahrun bin Haji Talib, Acting Village Head of Kampung Sibut, Awang Norhasmin bin Kassim, Acting Village Head of Kampong Sumbiling, Awang Haji Suhaili bin Haji Badas as well as officials and staff from the Department of Information.
The event began with the recitation of Dzikir Sayyidul Istighfar, recitation of Al-Fatihah and Doa Selamat led by the Imam of Kampung Selangan Mosque, Mukim Amo, Awang Mahdini Bin Khamis.
The acting Deputy Director, in her welcoming speech, among others, explained that the programme is one of the objectives of the Department of Information to deliver and disseminate the official information on government policies and purposes so that the citizens and the residents can understand, support and appreciate it effectively through briefing and exhibitions.
She further explained that the programme is an annual activity of the Department of Information which is planned to be held throughout the country in all four districts.
Among the briefings included in the programme were : Prevention of Symptoms of Drug Abuse and unhealthy activities from the Bureau of Narcotics Control presented by Senior Narcotics Officer, Hajj Zulhamazi bin Hamid; Duties and Responsibilities of the Internal Security Department and domestic security issues under its supervision presented by the Deputy Head of Internal Security Department, Temburong District, Haji Ibnusinna  bin Haji Hassan; ‘Keeping your children safe Online' by Information Technology Protective Security Services (ITPSS) Sendirian Berhad presented by Security Analyst, Ida Frida binti Abu.
The programme, among others, aims to increase and enhance parents' awareness of the prevention and control of their children against abuse and drug traps as well as related to domestic security issues.
Through this programme, it is hoped that all members of the community, especially parents or guardians, will continue to have a positive and responsible attitude and not only depend on the authorities, to constantly discuss with children in order to build good relationships with family, community and the public.
Created at 06/11/2019 13:58 by Mohammad Wirman Bin Hj Matussin
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