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Understand the responsibilities of achieving National Vision 2035



News and Photos: Ak. Syi'aruddin Pg. Dauddin
Translated by : Hjh Apsah Binti Hj Sahdan/shadan / Cleared by : Mufidah binti Abdul Hakim
BERAKAS, Monday, September 30. - All citizens and residents of Brunei Darussalam (NBD) including the public, grassroots leaders, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the public and private sectors, the Supreme Council of Brunei Vision 2035 and its leaders should be aware of their responsibilities in together to Achieving nation’s Vision 2035.
By 2035, Brunei Darussalam should be recognised as a nation of highly-skilled, educated and successful people. Measured using international standards in accordance with the vision.
The matter was explained by Special Duties Officer Grade II, the Permanent Secretariat of Brunei Vision 2035, Dayang Amelina binti Awang Haji Tengah in her briefing on Brunei Vision 2035 to the participants of the Third Session for Year 2019 Civic Village Brunei Darussalam for Postgraduates held at the Auditorium of the Department of Information.  
Dayang Amelina further explained that the country will also have quality of life with the aspiration to be the top 10 countries in the world according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
"The Brunei Vision 2035 is important for the present and future generations, where it is the hope of the nation to defend the well-being of the people as well as The present generations," she added.

Dayang Amelina shared about several initiatives of the Prime Minister's Office in promoting Brunei Vision 2035, including the development of Brunei Vision 2035 website, advertisements through Radio Television Brunei and radio networks, workshops and briefings.

Participants of the programme attended a briefing session entitled 'The Role and Responsibility as the citizen of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’ presented by Dayang Hajah Noorhijrah binti Haji Idris, Assistant Information Officer from the Nationhood and Community Division.
In her briefing, Dayang Hajah Noorhijrah among others shared the responsibility of the country to the people, The goal to provide protection, security and well-being as well as to ensure their safety, peace and order.
"As for the citizens and residents, their responsibility is to the country, government, society and family. Among the role and responsibilities of the people is  loyalty to the sovereign; respect the constitution and the law to uphold the monarchy, recognize and respect the Malay  race and the Islam relegion; support the Malay Islamic Monarch’s concept; support the Brunei Vision 2035; and to inculcate the sense of loyalty to the sovereign.” she added.

The programme was attended by 36 participants consisting of graduates higher institution graduates locally and abroad.

It aims to be one of the platforms towards equipping the participants to be competitive, to meet the challenges and grab job opportunities.
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