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PMB visits opens up minds, inspires ideas for creating own businesses


News and Photos: Ak. Syi’aruddin Pg. Dauddin
Translated by: Hjh Musmariani Haji Mohammad / Cleared by: Saadiatul Nur Aqilah Hj Jaman 
TUTONG, Wednesday, August 14 - The Informed Community Programme for the Lumut National Housing Scheme, Mukim Liang in the afternoon was filled with a visit to the Commatra Trading Company's Freshwater Fish Pond, located in Kampung Layong, Mukim Lamunin.
The delegation was led by the Acting Head  Village of the Lumut National Housing Scheme, Mukim Liang, Pengiran Ahmad bin Pengiran Haji ​Mahmud.
While at the fish pond, participants had the opportunity to listen to a brief presentation on Freshwater Fisheries Industry presented by Senior Fisheries Assistant, Dayang Aeriena binti Sahri.
Among the fish found in the company's fish pond are dalak, catfish, talapia and others, in which the produce of the fishing company is marketed locally.
After, the participants went to the Agricultural Development Area in Kampung Sinaut, and were briefed on the Local Fruits Agro-Industry, delivered by Agriculture Officer, Awang Mohamad Faa’id bin Haji Mohamad Kasim.
Participants were then taken to visit the Nature Fruit Farm, which cultivated local fruits such as dragon fruits, soursops, sapodillas, durians, banana and more.
With this visits during the Informed Community Programme, it is hoped to be able to open up minds and inspire participants of the programme to start their own business in their village. 

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