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Local Brunei honey producer receives Thai information officers


News and Photos: Dk. Vivy Malessa Pg. Ibrahim
Translated by: Hjh Apsah Hj Sahdan/Shadan / Cleared by: Saadiatul Nur Aqilah Hj Jaman
TUTONG, Friday, July 26. - Tasbee Meliponiculture Farm (TMF), a honey bee producer company, received a visit from three officers from the Public Relations Department (PRD) of Thailand who are in the country participating in the Information Officer Exchange Programme to Brunei Darussalam.
The delegation was lead by Head of Public Relations Professional, Mrs Supaporn Carusarnpisit was accompanied by Information Department officials.
Here, the delegation was briefed by TMF Manager Awang Mitasby bin Haji Mamit regarding the species, products and activities operated by TMF. Awang Mitasby explained that the bees used to make the honey are a type of stingless bee and harmless to humans and has health benefits.
TMF started since 2009 in small scale and the company is supported by the Kampung Sungai Kelugos Village Consultative Council and the Tutong District Tourism Promotion and coordinator as well as one of the tourist destinations in the district.
Aside from being briefed about the bees, the PRD officers were also shown honey collection methods and how the company makes sustainable honey and derivative products

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