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The Department of Information - leader in publicising official information


News and Photos: Aimi Sani

Translated by: Hajah Apsah Haji Sahdan/Shadan / Cleared by: Ruhil Amal Faridah Awang Yahya

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Monday, April 1. - A total of 30 participants of the Informed Community Programme (PMB) for Kampung Birau, Tutong led by Awang Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ratu visited the Department of Information.

The visit started with a briefing on the Department of Information presented by Assistant Information Officer, Awang Eddy Iswandy bin Haji Ismail.

Awang Eddy Iswandy, among others, touched on the vision and mission of the department, role, work strategy, action plan, organisational structure as well as projects and initiatives.


The Department of Information was established on 1 April 1952 and during its 67th anniversary, the department has undergone some progress in line with its vision 'To be one of the leading agency in disseminating official information with a core of Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB)' and 'Glorifying the image of the Monarchy and Sultanate, supporting the Brunei Vision 2035 through the empowerment of official information disseminating towards strengthening unity and well-being of the country '.


In addition to the vision and mission, the department's motto, 'Nurturing an Informed Society' is also synonymous with the work strategy of the department.


The Information Department has several roles and one of them is to clarify and explain the people to understand, confident and support leadership sovereignty and state administration machinery based on the philosophy of MIB through the work strategy of the department.


Three work strategies have been identified for this role, the first strategy is through publication materials such as Pelita Brunei; publication in English and Malay; posters; news and government-related infomation through social media and Youtube videos ( and so on.

The second strategy is through Face-to-Face Communication through nationhood and community programmes such as Informed Community Programme (PMB), Face-to-Face Communication Programme, Nationhood Briefing and Postgraduate Civic Village Programme. This strategy is aimed towards focus groups among school students, post-graduates, residents of the mukims and villages, grassroots and private companies as well as relevant agencies.


Finally, the third strategy through Media Relations such as processing the media accreditation, providing Media Center, to facilitate and regulate the media, to provide photographs for foreign and local media and others.


There is also a Service and Support in this department which acts as an extended arm in the success of the three work strategies.


To ensure that departmental services are constantly updated, new media such as Information Mobile Application 'InfoDeptBN', social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Pelita Brunei ePaper are also used in disseminating information more effectively and can reach more users.


The department also uploads publications to the website for the public reading and references.


Besides the briefing session, participants also had the opportunity to visit the Pelita Brunei Division, Publications and Graphic Division, Photography Unit and Information Resource Center located in the original building of the Department of Information

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