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Adding knowledge for the Civic Village Programme participants

By: Marlinawaty Hussin / Photo: Mohd. Sahrizal Haji Said


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Monday, October 30 – The effects of drug abuse such as syabu, synthetic drugs and marijuana, in the long run, will lead to memory loss, nerve damage that cannot be restored and healed, and insanity due to hallucinations and delusions.


According to the Assistant Officer of the Narcotics Control Bureau (BKN) at the Drug Prevention Education Branch, Dayang Wasulhana binti Haji Sudin, planting these types of drugs is considered as a crime in this country.


Dayang Wasulhana shared this during a talk with the participants of the 2nd session of the Civic Village Programme 2017 for Brunei Graduates of the 2nd Brunei Darussalam, at the Multipurpose Room 2, Sungai Kebun Sports Complex.


She also highlighted the circumstances and effects of drug abuse on the health of the human body in short term and in long term.


The next talk was given by officials from the Department of Internal Security (KDN) who explained the background of the department which was established on August 1, 1993.


Among the types of threats related to domestic security which the Department of Internal Security pays attention to include violence and subversive.


One of the participants of the programme, 25 years old, Dayang binti Nazurah Shafiee, said during an interview that she is taking part in the programme because it is an opportunity as it is only held twice a year.


"By participating in the program, we are able to increase our knowledge of domestic affairs," said the graduate majoring in Religious Education.


The Civic Village Programme, organised by the Information Department, the Prime Minister's Office, is participated by 26 graduates from higher institutions from within and outside the country.


Participants will camp for 6 days 5 nights at the Sungai Kebun Sports Complex and undergo various talks, dialogues, activities (leisure and religious) as well as visits.

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